Let’s Talk About Me

People often compliment me on my high energy and natural tendency to interject humor into my presentations.

Speaking to audiences nationwide for nearly three decades, I discovered early on that I am truly blessed with the ability to relate to a diverse demographic of audiences.

Poking fun at myself, I create a comfortable environment that immediately places the room at ease. This sincere, organic process allows the gathering to easily relate to the unfolding presentation. We’re all people, and by opening myself up in front of a crowd it enables others to freely do the same.

There is no doubt about it; I was given the gift of gab!

I love to communicate, which is much different than saying I love to talk. Communication is a two-way street, a natural means of conveying information in a give and take manner. We’ve all heard the old saying:

“We were born with two ears and only one mouth for a reason!”

Conversation has truly become a lost art in today’s world of social media and immediate information sharing, but I believe in my soul, all the Facebook posts and Twitter tweets will never be more engaging than face-to-face interaction.

I like to view my presentations as “Real Life Social Media”!

A very genuine thank you for stopping by to learn more about me. If you would like to discuss scheduling a presentation for your business or organization please feel free to call me at 301.293.4195 or by filling out your contact information in the form to the right or on my contact page.