Well known for her high energy and humorous presentation style, Julie Gaver has been professionally speaking nationwide for the past seventeen years. Her self-deprecating humor and ability to relate to people endears her to audiences and clients from diverse industries.

Julie's training organization helps to create work environments which foster higher levels of attitude, teamwork, and morale. In this capacity, she has worked with some of the most prestigious and successful firms in the country.

She has trained and spoken to thousands of individuals and is consistently rated one of the best in her field. Julie brings to the podium over 28 years of professional experience in fields ranging from human services, sales & marketing, public relations, and training. She is the catalyst for bringing energy and excitement to any event she attends.

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P.O. Box 51, Myersville, MD 21773
Phone: (301) 293-4195
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Bringing Humor into the Workplace
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The Hero in You
Lessons in Leadership
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Unleashing the Power of Enthusiasm in your Life & Work
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