What I Do

Not really certain what topic or presentation would resonate best with your group?

Let’s work through it together!

All of my Leadership Development Programs, Workshops and Keynote Addresses are customized to meet your organization’s specific needs. Each and every one of my presentations is highly interactive, focusing on active participation and group discussion.

Leadership Development Programs

These programs are designed as a series of interconnected sessions customized to achieve your specific goals. I will work with you to craft a customized series of interactive programs intended to build upon each other leading to one specific overall goal. Some past series have addressed topics as diverse as:

  • Positioned to Lead
  • Creating a Positive Workplace Culture
  • The Art of Delegation
  • Coaching Employees for Improved Performance

Keynote Addresses

Do you know the origin of the word “keynote”? It is the musical note played before a performance to determine the key in which a song or musical piece will be played. I really like this concept, as I view each and every address as a personal performance rather than a speech. Whether presenting for businesses, fundraising events or conferences, I take great pride in my ability to engage with the audience. It is truly an art to deliver a speech that is thoroughly entertaining but also presents the core message that your organization needs conveyed.


Similar to my customized Leadership Development Programs, all of my workshops are created to focus on one important topic holding relevant significance to your group. I personalize each of these presentations based on a detailed set of criteria in order to exceed the unique needs of your gathering. Whether presenting to an intimate audience or a massive gathering, my workshops will reach everyone in attendance.

Emcee, Toastmaster, Mistress Of Ceremonies or Moderator

For various events, I’ve been referred to as all of the above! If you need a host for your next event please contact me. I am always happy to discuss details, rates and availability.

Speaking topics can include:

The Dance: [email protected]

The average person spends over 90,000 hours of their lifetime at work. Shouldn’t that time be productive and enjoyable? Your employees will learn how to develop and enhance their unique sense of humor, helping your business achieve better results.

Can We Talk?
Communicating With Persuasion & Influence

I love this interactive workshop! It’s so fulfilling being able to provide an audience with the tools to transform them into a powerful, confident, influential communicator.

Talk To The Hand:
Reducing Conflict While Building Teamwork

An introspective session exploring various management methods to address those difficult times when discord and negativity creeps into your work environment. Learn how to provide effective strategies to delicately handle any difficult situation.

By Any Means Necessary:
Building The Strongest Team Possible

It may be a cliché, but your team is only as strong as the weakest member. Learn through fun, interactive activities the importance of cooperative behavior and the results that can be achieved through working together.

Embracing The Reality Of Change

All successful businesses will encounter periods of transition—producing fear and anxiety in the workforce. This session helps participants engage in dialogue and activities intended to reduce their stress and face their fears of the unknown.

Life Is Like A Box Of Crayons:
Understanding Behavioral Styles

Do you know the four types of behavioral styles that exist in your workplace? Find out the correct techniques to communicate to each in order to gain increased cooperation.

Teach Your Employees To Fish:
Understanding The Fundamentals Of Coaching

Strategies to establish strong coaching relationships with your employees.

Be Unique Or Be Forgotten

It’s imperative to leave a lasting impression. Explore fun, creative ways to get not only noticed by potential customers but to always be remembered. Learn how to make your prospects feel important and appreciated.

Presenting With Confidence

This session gives your sales team, managers and employees the opportunity to put theory into practice in a fun and energetic environment. I will teach your entire workforce how to polish their presentation techniques.

Making The Connection

Seriously, it’s not that difficult to simply approach someone and introduce yourself, but your employees would disagree! In this fun and highly interactive session I will help your workforce become comfortable and confident in networking with others. Attendees will learn how to establish immediate rapport with others, enhance their listening and conversational skills and achieve an understanding of good social etiquette.

Leading The New Workforce

Your work force is constantly changing—employees retire while entry-level workers are just beginning their careers. Understanding the difference in generations, and genders, is imperative to a productive business.