Julie's seminars are customized to meet the time constraints and specific needs of your organization. Each experience is highly interactive and focuses on active participation and group discussion. Her training style exemplifies the philosophy:

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do, therefore I understand."
A few of her most requested seminars include:

The Dance: Fun @ Work

During this lively and very entertaining session, you will learn how to develop and enhance your unique sense of humor and discover ways of using it to create a more enjoyable place to work.

Can We Talk? Communicating with Persuasion and Influence

This interactive workshop will equip you with the tools to become a more powerful and influential communicator. Learn which traits and characteristics will help you to have greater impact during your interactions with other professionals in your office.

Talk to the Hand: Communication Strategies for Reducing Conflict and Building Teamwork

This interactive session explores different conflict management styles and provides strategies for effective communication during difficult situations.

Whatever it Takes: Building Stronger Teams

Participants are engaged in a variety of interactive activities which reinforce the importance of cooperative behavior and working towards common goals.

Fear Factor: Embracing the Reality of Change

This session examines the attitudes and strategies needed to gain confidence and improve morale during times of change and transition. A highly interactive workshop, participants have numerous opportunities to engage in dialogue and activities which help reduce stress and fear of the unknown.

The Boomerang Effect: The Truth about Employee Retention

This workshop helps managers learn what some firms are doing to improve employee retention and offers insight into what employees need from their employers.

ER2: Employee Reward and Recognition Programs That Work!

Ideal for managers who wish to explore creative, effective ways to engage employees through the use of employee reward and recognition programs.

Life is Like a Box of Crayons: Understanding Behavioral Styles

You will learn the four types of behavioral styles which exist in the workplace as well as communication techniques for gaining increase cooperation.

Teaching your Employees to Fish: Understanding the Fundamentals of Coaching

Learn a variety of techniques and strategies for establishing coaching relationships with employees.

Be Unique or Be Forgotten

You will explore fun and unusual ways of getting noticed by potential customers as well as creative ways of making clients feel important and appreciated.

Presenting with Confidence

Ideal for sales professionals, management, or professionals interesting in polishing their presentation techniques, this session gives you opportunities to put theory into practice in a fun and energetic environment.

Making the Connection

This fun and highly interactive session provides attendees with opportunities to increase their comfort and confidence for networking, establish rapport with others, enhance their listening and conversational skills, and understand good social etiquette.

School is Never Out for the Professional

Learn what it takes to transform your workplace into a continuous learning environment. Includes exercises which stimulate creativity in dealing with workplace issues.

Leading the New Workforce

Topics include generations in the workplace, understanding gender differences and how to embrace the challenges of leading an increasingly diverse workplace.

The Dance
Bringing Humor into the Workplace
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The Hero in You
Lessons in Leadership
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Unleashing the Power of Enthusiasm in your Life & Work
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